Inviting a coworker to join Workplace if you're not an admin

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This article is for people who do not have admin permissions to add people to Workplace. If you are an admin, visit Create accounts.
If your system admins have enabled it, anyone in your community can invite coworkers from their organization to join them on Workplace.
To invite your coworkers to Workplace:
  1. Scroll down Home in the left menu on Workplace, then click Invite coworkers.
  2. Select either Email address or Mobile number.
  3. Add the email addresses or mobile numbers, then click either Send invites by email or Send invites by text message.
Invitations will be sent in the language that you use your browser in. For example, if you use your browser in French, then all invitations will be sent in French.
If the coworkers you're inviting are already on Workplace, then you'll see an error message. If required information is missing, then admins will receive a prompt.

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